A world of classes from the comfort of home! 

CrossFit / FUNctional Fitness

No matter what you call it, we believe in constantly varied functional fitness. You can expect a warm-up, some skill work and an intense workout that will get your heart pumping, your muscles working and joints moving in a variety of ways. 

Why two different names? Some of us are affiliated CrossFit gyms and can use that word, some of us aren't. It's that simple. 

Lightly Loaded

These home workouts are long burners for people who don't have tons of equipment at home. Designed to get you a workout with minimal gear, but something. If you don't have anything, we'll help you find something heavy in the house you can use. Dog food? Those old text books you haven't gotten rid of yet even though you know you'll never look at them again?


45 minutes of heart-racing sweat with bodyweight movements. Bring out your inner Jane Fonda, leg-warmers optional, but highly recommended. Stacey won't let you stop moving and she'll have a smile on her face while you say horrible things that she can't hear because it's Zoom and you probably muted yourself. 


This class is focused on cardio endurance. You're going to need access to something like a treadmill, rower, stationary bike, jump rope or else be willing to do a metric shit ton of burpees.

KB / DB Strength

If you've got kettlebells and / or dumbbells at home, this is your class to really work on rocking that technique and building strength. 

Sweat and Flow

Taught by yoga-instructors who are also CrossFitting weightlifters, this class is aimed at  balance, core and rotational strength, with extensive mobility. But don't be fooled, it's sweaty and hard!


Got a barbell and plates at home? Get ready for the kind of barbell work you might get in a gym. 

Striking / Defense

Kicking and punching and yelling, oh my! You'll be throwing punches at the air, and practicing your footwork to get in a good kick at the imaginary demons around us. (We like to imagine the virus as a big monster who needs a good ass-kicking.) Get a killer cardio workout while learning the fundamentals of striking and hooking and jabbing and kicking.  


It's yoga. It's bendy and stable and grounding. It's harder than it looks and a great way to start your weekend. Strong body, clear mind, you know, yoga. 


It's a dance party in this workout class! Werq is based on pop and hip hop music. The instructor leads the dance steps used in class and the cool down includes balance and yoga-inspired poses. This 45-minute cardio dance class that will help you burn the calories while having fun!


This classic dance workout will never let you down. It won't be the same twice, but it will always be fun, joyful, and sweaty!


CoreFit brings the sweat and the burn using the power of the TRX, Bosu, and Kettlebell into one sweat soaking class.  CoreFit is a scalable class designed for any athlete, it is a back-to-basics, functional training class that dials-in the intensity.

FireFlow Yoga

FireFlow’s unique design makes it approachable to beginners while providing challenge to even the most experienced yogis. FireFlow’s origin comes from Astanga, Bikram, Rocket, and Animal Flow.  FireFlow utilizes the most effective elements of each of these yoga practices and fuses them into eight heart-pounding vinyasas. Learn to float, stretch, and sweat as we turn up the heat in FireFlow.

Beyond Stretch

Beyond Stretch improves passive and active flexibility.  Strengthen your end range of motion and control.  Injuries frequently occur when you have passive mobility to get into a position, but not the strength and control to support that position. Beyond Stretch improves your balance and resistance to injury by targeting the muscles that your everyday activities cannot.