What Is This?

We are a collection of small gyms from across the US who have moved our classes online because of the COVID pandemic. Rather than try to be all things to all people, we've teamed up to allow all our members to access each other's online classes. 

Do I Have To Join a Gym?

For now, YES. Our entire reason for being is to support small gyms who are hurting during the pandemic. All of our member gyms are awesome, and we're here to support them. Pick the one near to your home, or just near to your heart.
When this pandemic passes, it might be possible JUST to join the online collective, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it, because the goal will still be to support small gyms. 

What Are The Classes Like?

With any luck, they're a lot like attending a class in a small gym. These are not slickly-produced performaces by fitness models yelling at you from a sweaty sort of ivory tower. These are Zoom classes, with real coaches and real people just like you. You can expect a class to start with introductions, demonstrations of movements, some Q & A. Generally speaking, when it's time to really workout, the coach will mute everyone except themselves so that you can crank your own tunes, and the coach can offer feedback without everyone's heavy breathing and barking dogs taking over the mic and the screen. 

Can My Gym Join The Collective?

Probably, yes. We're looking for like-minded gyms who are interested in helping each other out. If your gym has online classes that would fit in, and they're willing to invite in all of our other members for free, we'd love to talk! You can email Alyssa or Melissa directly, and we'll chat!